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Main Control [Accessible Washroom]

Main Control [Accessible Washroom]
Main Control [Accessible Washroom]

Part Number: BWC01-01

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Accessible Washroom Main Control




  • Built-in power supply, +12VDC and +24VDC 100W max outputs
    (To power external devices, ex. Electric lock)
  • Inputs and outputs for existing installations
  • RFA (Request for assistance) remote alarm output
  • Signal visual indicators
  • Solid state outputs (No mechanical relays)
  • Reversible lock output
  • Supports normally unlocked and normally locked washrooms
  • Simplified connection, non-polarized 2-Wire BUS
    The 2-Wire BUS provides power, synchronization and communication
    for all slave devices (Interior, exterior, RFA, PTL buttons and RFA alarm)
  • Adjustable timers
  • Large plug-in terminal blocks
  • Operator activation output supports AC and DC signals
  • Selectable auto unlock feature (Default set to “ON”)
  • Input power 85-240 VAC 100W max. (Black terminal block)



4.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches (112 x 76 x 61 mm)