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Cable Kits

Find the right cable kit to connect your BordTek Control to your operator.

(OEM) For this operator with this control You need this BordTek control and conversion kit
Operator Model OEM control part number BordTek control part number BordTek conversion kit part number
Besam Swing Master CDS120 B100S B100S-7000N
Dorma ED700 B100SE B100S-8000N
Dor-o-matic Astro Swing Astro (Switch type) B100S B100S-4000N
Dor-o-matic Junior Swing Junior B100S B100S-4001N
Dor-o-matic Swing (with encoder) All B100SE B100S-4002N
Horton (Swing) C4160-1 B100S B100S-3003N
Horton (Swing) C4160-2/C4190 B100S B100S-3000N
Horton (Swing) C7160-3 B100S B100S-3001N
KM 3800 3800 B100S B100S-6000N
KM 3100 (Single) 3100 (Single) B100SE B100S-6001N
Nabco / Gyro Tech GT710 Gemini B100S B100S-2000N
Nabco / Gyro Tech GT710 Magnum B100S B100S-2002N
Nabco / Gyro Tech GT300 / 400 / 500 / 600 GT500 (Analog) B100S B100S-2001N
Nabco / Gyro Tech GT300 / 400 / 500 / 600 Magnum B100S B100S-2002N
Stanley Magic Access Magic Access B100S B100S-1000N


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